Managing your risk and reputation

Risk management is fundamental to our overall broking offer and service to you, our client. Our effective risk management service helps deliver reduced costs and increased safety, and ensures you receive outstanding cover and competitive premiums from our Insurer partners.

After identifying and discussing a business's specific need we offer a complete risk management service no matter what; and this is primarily face-to-face. We complement our risk offer with clear gap analysis being undertaken to show our advice, actions and recommendations and how these relate to your cover, premium and risk.

We can also work with you and your senior teams locally or via one of our external specialists, to provide additional risk management services in the following areas:

In addition to other, more specialist areas, as and when appropriate.

An Independent Risk Review At No Cost

Whatever your business, it is essential to carry out a periodic review of your insurance and risk programme.

A number of larger businesses choose to do this by inviting other risk specialists and brokers to tender for their insurance programmes before the renewal date; either annually or every few years.

We know this can be time consuming and doesn’t always satisfy the myriad of questions regarding suitability. This can understandably lead to clients defaulting to the cheapest price tendered which in turn, risks exposing their business to shortfalls in cover, service, security or potentially all three.

Questions to ask

At Towergate, our team is ready to carry out , at no cost, an independent review, without impacting your current programme. Our comprehensive findings will be presented back to you to reflect upon and discuss when appropriate.